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  Enjoy hassle-free rental of free hit counters with no registration required. No need for programming knowledge or server installation.

Simply select your preferred hit counter, copy and paste the displayed HTML tag, and you're all set.

No sign-up necessary. No email address required. Suitable for blogs, homepages, and mobile sites. Completely free with easy switching.

Features include prevention of double counting and SSL support for secure browsing.

Fast display on a dedicated server.

Available for rent by anyone.
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What is a Hit Counter?

A hit counter counts and displays the number of times a page on a website or blog has been accessed.

To install a hit counter on individual sites, it's necessary to install the hit counter's program on the server and perform the setup process.

Our hit counter records and displays the count data and the program itself on our server, making it easily accessible and usable by anyone.

What is the Double Count Prevention Feature?

Our hit counter records the most recent IP address accessed.
When a page is accessed, it checks against the last IP address. If it's the same IP, the counter does not increase; if it's a different IP, the counter increments, and then records that new IP. This specification prevents double counting.

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